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Elena Herrera Jewelry

Jewelry can transport and connect us. We use it to mark important times, to celebrate, to protect and to empower, to remember and to show love. I collect objects from the past that were once precious and meaningful and use them to create pieces that will be treasured today.

I have always loved antique and vintage jewelry. Regardless of the era, every piece has an interesting story to tell. I can get lost thinking about how and when the pieces were worn. Victorian jewelry in particular captures my imagination. I'm amazed by the attention to detail, and I marvel at its resilience - over 100 years old and still beautiful. 

I began collecting and reworking antique jewelry after a successful career in public affairs in New York City and many years of community involvement in the arts and education, first in New York and then in Pennsylvania. I got my start in the business of jewelry in 2011, when living on Philadelphia's Main Line, a close friend and I started selling our reclaimed creations through pop ups and a few retail accounts. A move back to New York in 2016 prompted me to launch my solo effort.

Elena Herrera Jewelry lets me combine my passion for beautiful found objects with my design skills to both curate and create one-of-a-kind jewelry that blends antique/vintage components with a contemporary aesthetic. My love of details draws me to particular pieces. I only collect things that I love, that are interesting or that I can transform into something fabulous. Each piece is hand assembled in my Irvington, NY studio.


My collections include necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that range in style from casual to statement pieces. With an emphasis on history and wearability, I want my customers to be inspired to bring their own stories and symbolism to their jewelry.


Inclusivity and Environment

As a first generation Latinx woman living in the US, I’m all too familiar with “otherness”. In my business and in my life, I am committed to equality and inclusion. I welcome clients of any race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or appearance. Whenever I can I will make adjustments to jewelry to make it the right fit and to make it something my client will love and feel connected to. 


My business is based on reclaiming lost and forgotten treasures. I re-use antique and vintage components to the greatest extent possible. I source new materials from responsible suppliers. Most of my packaging is recyclable and I reuse packing materials. I am committed to seeking and using sustainable choices for my business needs.

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